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Zach Gibson is ready for the opportunities Georgia Tech will bring

While returning starter Jeff Sims is clearly Georgia Tech’s man heading into the 2022 season, that doesn’t mean transfer Zach Gibson isn’t taking advantage of the opportunities being presented to him.

Gibson was able to speak to the media after Tech’s practice on Friday. He talked about how when he entered the transfer window after last season, he thought about what it would be like to play for quarterbacks coach Chris Weinke, even though Weinke had not yet been hired at Georgia Tech.

“It’s kind of funny because when I first walked into the portal, my mom said, you never know, maybe one day you’ll play for coach Weinke and at the time, he wasn’t even named the quarterback coach. m “he had committed and signed all the paperwork and everything was announced… it’s crazy how God works. It’s been a blast. He’s a great man and a great leader and expects the best from everyone. day and takes no less. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Asked at the time if there was any connection to Weinke, Gibson said there wasn’t, but he and his father grew up Florida State fans and had always enjoyed watching highlights of Weinke playing.

“I had no prior communication with coach Weinke before I even took the job. When I was a kid, I was a Florida State fan, my dad went to Florida State, watching the moments highlights of him when he was younger and the action game pass he threw to Snoop Minnis. I wouldn’t say that was my idol growing up, but I definitely looked up to him in a way, to play quarterback the right way and at a high level. Fast forward to 2022 and I’m playing for him. Every day I’m still kind of like, I don’t know if I’d say like a star, but it’s like, he’s really my coach.”

Playing for Weinke isn’t the only thing Gibson likes about playing at Georgia Tech. His younger brother, Tyler, is a freshman offensive lineman, and Gibson said it’s crazy how he’s getting to do something the two had always talked about.

“It’s kind of unbelievable. The same thing before we got to the portal, we were talking because we always wanted to play with each other, but when I signed and went to Akron, I felt like it was never going to happen. When I hit the goalpost, Coach Collins came up to me and told me I had an opportunity to come here and I couldn’t pass it up.”

“Playing with him, seeing him every day, it’s like a blessing, it’s the biggest blessing in the world and coming to work with him. I know the type of kid he is and his goals and what he wants to do and the progression that I’ve seen since day one when he got here in june he’s a totally different boy now he’s growing up a lot making new friends and being alone and obviously when school starts he’s going to change but he’s been doing great job for a guy who is 18, I can’t remember doing such a good job, coming into work every day, never complaining, always coming to work and putting my head down and trying to get it done. the best same every day”.

Gibson is likely entrenched as the Yellow Jackets’ number two quarterback behind Sims. He has good depth and will make the most of any opportunity given to him this season.

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