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10 misconceptions about Techday and how it works

Even with 17 years in the tech news space, Techday still finds that there are a number of things people don’t understand about how we operate.

Here are 10 common misconceptions about us.

1. Techday is a small niche publisher

We pride ourselves on our focus on technology, although we see it as a strength.

We currently have 13 team members.

We’ve also written 266,328 stories to date, which have been read over 316 million times.

Plus, all of our stories are published on Google News, so you can be sure they get phenomenal reach.

2. Techday is a Kiwi publisher

Although our founder, Sean Mitchell, is a Kiwi and we have a number of New Zealand websites, 94% of our business is in Australia and Singapore.

Techday operates six sites based in Australia and six sites based in Singapore.

Many of our clients book campaigns only for Asia or Australia, and we’re much more interested in an Australia-only story than a New Zealand-only story.

3. Techday is a site unto itself

This is not the case.

Techday is the name of the company and not a site per se. We have a network of 19 websites in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Each of our sites has a unique audience, covering different sectors or topics within the technology space. For example, SecurityBrief is prepared by cybersecurity decision-makers, while CFOtech is prepared by financial managers.

4. Techday operates a pay-to-play model


While we have a variety of native advertising and sponsored content options, 91% of our stories are earned media.

This means that if your company has recent news to share, you can send press releases to They’ll be considered part of our regular news cycle, and if selected, you’ll also automatically receive links to the story once it’s live on our sites!

5. Techday is expensive


For paid content, our options start at $850 as a one-time price. This cost gives you what we call an “Editorial Unit,” which can be used to publish bylines, video interviews, written interviews, and more.

More discounts are available on long-term contracts. Your editorial units never expire.

6. Reviews are paid

Reviews are free of charge.

The main obstacle we find for unpaid reviews is that the reviewer wants to keep the product.

Options exist to update a review with call-to-action links to a retailer or your website.

You can learn more about the review process and fill out an application form here.

7. You have to pay by site or region

It is not true.

One of the key benefits of how Techday works is that each story runs across 3-5 of our sites. Compared to other publishers who only manage one or a couple of sites, your news or sponsored content can have a huge reach on our network.

For example, a thought leadership piece we are publishing for you could be published in multiple locations and even in Asia, Australia and New Zealand where relevant.

8. We have strict deadlines for receiving content


We don’t have a set time frame for publishing content, and the editorial units you’ve purchased will never expire.

However, the sooner you get it to us, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards of getting it in front of your target audience!

9. Content you paid to write takes a long time


While we take our time to make sure you get the best quality content, when you pay us to write content for you, we aim for a quick response that gets you what you want quickly.

This means that if you buy a story from us, you’ll be waiting a maximum of days instead of weeks or months for it to be ready.

10. You won’t know how well a campaign is performing

Yes you will!

When you book a campaign with Techday, you’ll get great reports that show you stats like how many clicks your content generated and how many people clicked on the links you’ve included.

For more information on branding your business with Techday, contact your account manager or Daley at


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