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The Fake Hawaiian Airlines giveaway offers 410 free round trips

In fact, Hawaiian Airlines is celebrating its 93rd birthday. Read more about it below. But first, a Facebook fan page intending to be Hawaiian Airlines’ using the lead photo above, said that on Monday, Nov. 14, “we’ll pick 82 people who have shared and written (Hawaii) about it, each of whom will be rewarded with one of these vacation packages which include an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii for five people!(This includes airfare and a 7-night stay).

Do not do it follow these steps, but see how the deception was perpetrated.

Your editors discovered that many of their friends had already fallen for this scam.

To participate, you should be on Facebook. Then go to the (fake) Hawaiian Airlines fan page. He asked people to “please consider this sharing (to your friends) and then commenting (on that specific fan page) are the only steps required to enter this giveaway! You can also follow/like us to stay up to date! Reply here saying done once you’ve completed all steps (optional)!

Why does Facebook allow this similar brand deception to continue?

Honestly, we almost fell in love with it considering all the photos of the brand and similar logos, as you can see. One of the most suspect parts was the lack of fans.

Editor Rob first found it because many friends had already fallen in love. Editor Jeff was very suspicious, but he kept checking. We’re shaking our heads and don’t know why it’s still available.

Finally, Rob found the answer here, which is officially from Hawaiian Airlines:

Please note that any official news or giveaways will only be posted on official Hawaiian Airlines social media channels. Our social media accounts are only verified with a blue check (except our TikTok account). Mahalo

When Hawaiian Airlines started in 1929, was it ever a different world?

In a pre-hoax world, Hawaiian Airlines was incorporated in 1929 as Inter-Island Airways Ltd. When they first started, thousands of people showed up in Honolulu to watch the departure of the first scheduled interisland flights from Hawaii. These started on Maui and the Big Island.

Inter-Island Airways was a subsidiary of the Inter-Island Steam Navigation Company. They began flying in October with a Bellanca CH-300 and launched a scheduled inter-island service on November 11, 2029, using Sikorsky S-38 aircraft.

The first scheduled flight was from Honolulu to Hilo. But on the way, he made stops in both Molokai and Maui. My how things have changed.

The company changed its name to Hawaiian Airlines in 1941 when it moved to the Douglas DC-3 aircraft. Jet service began in 1966 when the then-unknown DC-9 aircraft arrived for interisland flights, of which the current 717 is a later variant.

Hawaii’s bellwether airline.

Hawaiian Airlines has been Hawaii’s flagship since its founding and is Hawaii’s only flag carrier. Hawaiian is primarily based in Honolulu and secondarily on Maui, with a large presence on the Big Island and Kauai. The company continues to fly between islands in the US mainland and Asia, American Samoa, Australia, French Polynesia and New Zealand. It currently has a fleet of wide-body A330-200 and narrow-body A321neo aircraft and uses inter-island Boeing 717s. In the next year or so, Hawaiian will begin taking delivery of its new fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners. This will bring more premium service and open up new route opportunities to South East Asia and the UK. Hawaiian has never had a fatal accident or hull loss.

Are you stuck on this?

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