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The 2022 Sweepstakes Week winners have been announced!

The CNX Software Sweepstakes Week 2022 has just ended and it’s time to announce the winners. Just like last year, a few companies added to the review samples I offered with Rakwireless and ELECFREAKS offering a LoRaWAN development kit and an educational robot, respectively.

If you look at the photo of the giveaway items below, you will find quite a few more than seven because the SONOFF NSPanel kit includes four Zigbee modules, and more importantly, we also organized a parallel giveaway week at CNX Software Thailand with small boards such as the Raspberry Pi Zero W or XIAO BLE.

We had eight winners in CNX software:

  • Gateway NanoPi R5S – Ingmar, Germany
  • e-con Systems camera e-CAM20_CURB – Johnny, ESTONIA
  • Pico:ed Smart Cutebot Kit – unicorn, CZECH REPUBLIC
  • Pico:ed V2 board – Leonardo, BRAZIL
  • Sonoff NSPanel Pro and Zigbee Modules – Tim, CANADA
  • RAK Developer Kit (Air Quality Kit) – Magnus, SWEDEN
  • GL.iNet GL-S10 BLE to MQTT Gateway – Andrea, ITALY
  • Mekotronics R58 mini PC – Thomas, USA

Most of the winners were based in Europe, but North and South America were also represented. We had no winners from Asia or Oceania, but this was partly reduced by four winners from our competition in Thailand:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W – Akkarachai, Bangkok
  • Pico:ed Board V2 – Suriya, Khon Kaen
  • Maker Nano RP2040 – Kanin, Nonthaburi
  • XIAO BLE – Phiraphong, Nakorn Ratchasima

As a side note, after the draw, there are now over 100,000 approved comments since the CNX Software blog was created in 2010.

We just shipped eight packages this morning and RAKwireless and ELECFREAKS will be taking care of shipping this week if they haven’t already. Please note that I am using relatively inexpensive shipping (small packet or e-packet) and winners should receive their prize within two to four weeks. It was fun, but it’s getting more complicated with international shipping getting more expensive and less options available, some penalties affected the raffle event, and I’m about to lose my personal paypal account in Thailand because foreigners will not be able to have an account at the end of the month due to anti-money laundering laws. But I’m sure we’ll find ways and have a successful Draw Week 2023 next year! Thanks to everyone who participated!

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