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Sweepstakes Week – GL.iNet GL-S10 BLE to MQTT Gateway

The sixth prize of this year’s Sweepstakes Week will be the GL.iNET GL-S10 BLE to MQTT gateway based on the ESP32 microcontroller and offering Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth LE connectivity.

The gateway is used to collect data from Bluetooth LE devices such as beacons and can be used in warehouses, shopping malls, airports, exhibition halls, tourist attractions, etc… for personnel management, management of assets, environmental monitoring, indoor navigation, etc.

I reviewed the ESP32-based BLE to MQTT Gateway with BLE Beacon provided late last year using the open source MQTT X client and the GL-S10 Tool app for Android.

It allowed me to send commands via MQTT topics, for example to set or retrieve beacon (WiFi) settings, and receive the data via MQTT subscriptions. Some of the data includes MAC address, RSSI, advertisement (Broadcast data advData) and a timestamp. It took some effort to get it to work, but I finally got it.

The draw includes the gateway with its antenna and USB cable, but I will not send the BLE beacon because of the non-removable 3.6V ER14250 1/2AA battery to avoid problems with customs. You can use other BLE devices for this purpose, and during testing I received BLE messages from a smart watch or one of my air conditioners.

To enter the draw just leave a comment with your country and anything else you want to say (no links in the comment body). If the country is missing, I will consider the entry null. Other rules are as follows:

  • Only one entry per contest. I will filter entries with the same IP and/or email address.
  • Contests are open for 48 hours starting at 10am (Bangkok time) each day.
  • Comments will be closed after 48 hours. If there are open comments, the contest is still running.
  • Winners will be selected with and announced in the comments section of each drawing.
  • I will contact the winner by email and expect a response within 24 hours, or I will choose another winner.
  • Please note that I may not be able to contact people who log in with Facebook, Twitter or Google, so it is best to use an email address to enter the draw.
  • shipping
    • $14 for Registered Airmail Small Package or ePacket for overseas shipping payable via PayPal within 48 hours after the contest ends (for a given product).
    • If your country is not on the list of supported countries, you can still play, and I will cover the cost of sending the parcel by sea and land (SAL) without registration if you win.
  • I will post all prizes at the same time, around November 16th, except for products sent directly by companies which will be handled separately.
  • I’ll make sure we have 7 different winners, so if you’ve already won a device during this giveaway week, I’ll draw someone else

If you don’t end up winning this sweepstakes, the GL-S10 Bluetooth IoT Gateway retails for $24.99 plus shipping, or $29.99 with the BLE beacon.


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