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Laqira Exchange is launching a great giveaway worth 1,000,000,000 SHIB for registrants.

Laqira protocol

St. Vincent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Laqira protocol team managed to announce and launch their official cryptocurrency exchange, namely the Laqira exchange on November 12 of 2022, to serve people in trading and managing their crypto assets worldwide.

Laqira Exchange is just one part of the larger Laqira protocol project that aims to create a super application that offers various types of cryptographic and blockchain services.

Although it is difficult to determine and separate the services and features of a thing and these two words can even be used interchangeably, here an attempt has been made to introduce the services and exchange features of Laqira, separately then.

Laqira exchange services

Users can easily register on the platform at using their email addresses, verify their email, set up a second authenticator and start trading.

Laqira Exchange offers SPOT and Futures markets up to 100x where +120 crypto assets can be traded with USDT, BTC and ETH pairs.

Laqira exchange supports numerous blockchain networks and users can deposit and withdraw their intended assets through various common networks such as Ethereum, TRON, Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), Binance Chain (BEP2), etc.

Each user account on the Laqira exchange is a master account capable of creating an unlimited number of sub-accounts that are better suited to the management of commercial organizations, groups and companies.

Laqira exchange provides a high-quality API service that allows expert users to build high-speed and high-performance trading platforms and bots, including trading robots, copy trading applications, etc.

Also with a broad vision that mixes API services, the above-mentioned ability to create an unlimited number of sub-accounts, commission discounts and referral program explained below, offers the possibility to create an independent financial organization and platform trading on the Laqira exchange.

Laqira exchange has been equipped with two charts, including self-developed and TradingView charts, where users can access all the necessary trading tools by switching to TradingView charts for free.

A referral program has been provided for users, especially those with community members. They can get your referral link and invite their friends to exchange through it. Accordingly, when guests trade and pay commissions to the exchange, 10% of the commissions from each trade will be applied to the guest’s account.

The LQR token is the native currency of the Laqira exchange. By holding LQR tokens, traders will get good discounts on their trading commissions, depending on the amount of their participation.

24/7 expert support agents at Laqira Exchange are always online to resolve any likely issues users may encounter, as soon as possible.

Users can increase their daily withdrawal limit by doing full KYC and verifying their account using their government ID documents.

The Laqira exchange is an independent platform capable of listing new assets. Therefore, blockchain teams can submit their list request. Of course, it should be noted that the application should be evaluated and the assets will only appear after due diligence by the Laqira Protocol team and meeting specific criteria.

Features of Laqira Exchange

Users can rest assured that their funds and data shared with Laqira Exchange will be safely protected under strictest supervision and security and information including their asset, KYC, ID etc. will not be shared with any organization of third parties

According to the massive announcement that has been made in various countries and communities, the daily volume of the exchange has become more than 2 billion dollars.

On the Laqira exchange, the depth of the market is strong on both the supply and demand sides, and the bid-ask spread is extremely narrow, making the exchange potential to offer the best prices for users.

Currently, Laqira exchange servers are capable of serving millions of users with the best performance and speed and the server uptime probability is 99.99%. It is worth saying that the system architecture has been implemented in such a way that increasing the capacity of the servers is a matter of seconds. So, as the users of Laqira exchanges increase, the server capacity will increase accordingly to maintain high performance and speed.

A market overview section has been implemented for referring users, so traders can get a lot of useful data about the current market situation. The data available in this section includes assets with the largest daily volume, assets with the largest and smallest variations in their price, spread situation for each pair, market depth of each pair and latest market activities. This information can help traders find the most suitable assets for day trading and dominate the market situation.

The Laqira exchange is just one piece of the thousand-piece puzzle of the Laqira protocol, which is a comprehensive and extensive project that aims to provide the most popular blockchain-based services as a super application. People will hear more about the project in the future.

Users can certainly explore more features by registering and logging into Laqira Exchange.

You can now enter this seven-day giveaway!

It is worth mentioning that Laqira Exchange has considered special features and benefits for traders.

In addition, Laqira Exchange has other valuable rewards for traders, which you can track on the bonuses page.

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