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Enter to win unique Apple Watch accessories from Bucardo [Cult of Mac giveaway]

This week’s bundle of goodies goes from sporty to sporty in no time, thanks to two very different Apple Watch accessories from Bucardo. Win it and you can go back to the 1950s with a classic pocket watch, then hit the gym with a sweat-busting Apple Watch Sports band.

Two lucky winners will receive a Bucardo Apple Pocket Watch and a Bucardo Sports Band. Together, the items in this single bundle retail for $189. Enter below for your chance to win the grand prize.

Bucardo Apple Watch package raffle

One of the great joys of owning an Apple Watch is the way you can switch bands to make the wearable shine in various situations. Add a soft Italian leather band and you’re ready to hit the square on a sunny day in Tuscany. Swap on a stylish link bracelet from Casetify or Juuk and you’re ready to rock the boardroom. Slip on a Speidel or Carterjett silicone band and you’re ready for any adventure.

This week’s giveaway sponsor, Bucardo, specializes in unique Apple Watch accessories that give you even more options. And the package we’ve put together combines two pieces of unique Apple Watch gear: a pocket watch and a sports band.

Bucardo Pinstripe Series 4/5/6/SE Pocket Watch

This attractive pocket watch gives you a new way to wear your Apple Watch.
Photo: Bucardo

The first is the Bucardo pocket watch. Crafted from stainless steel and complemented by a 14-inch detachable chain, it’s incredibly retro. It’s easy to install your Apple Watch by quickly sliding the pocket watch into place around it.

You can step into your grandfather’s wardrobe with this vintage-inspired accessory. The front cover of the glossy pocket watch features a striped engraved finish. Open the cover and you can see the face of your Apple Watch.

All the detailed settings transform your Apple Watch into a classic yet “on-trend” accessory.

Whether you want to create a casual look or a more sophisticated look, this will match your desired style. The Bucardo Pinstripe Pocket Watch comes in three popular colors (silver, gold and matte black) to match your Apple Watch.

Super absorbent sports band from Bucardo

Play in ultimate comfort with this sweatband-inspired Apple Watch band.
Photo: Bucardo

Most Apple Watch owners use their wearables for fitness. Bucardo created their sports band with this in mind (although the comfortable band is also perfect for everyday use).

When going through the design process, Bucardo wanted to create a flawless watch band. So the company asked for input from physical therapists and athletes to create this sports band.

Because the design combines a watch band and a sweat band, the Sport Band is wider than most Apple Watch accessories. Because the band distributes the weight of the watch more evenly, it is extremely comfortable, even during intense training and competition.

Cult of MacThe Sports band review highlighted the extreme comfort of the accessory.

“One of the reasons I found the Bucardo Sport so pleasant to wear is the buckle, which allows the band to be adjusted to fit my wrist exactly,” wrote Ed Hardy. “Down to the millimeter.”

The Bucardo sports band is a perfect training accessory for your Apple Watch.
Photo: Bucardo

The Bucardo Sport Band is available in seven colors: Retro Blue, Black, Blush, Green Camo, Gray Camo, Multi Geo and Gray Geo. With so many different colors to choose from, you can match it with any outfit for any occasion.

The sports band does not interfere with the wearable’s heart rate monitor, thanks to a circular opening behind the Apple Watch. This also makes charging your Apple Watch easier.

About Bucardo

Bucardo was founded in 2014. The brand was inspired by the story of the majestic mountain goat Bucardo, the first animal to return from extinction. The company is determined to bring unique designs to life for the 21st century.

If you don’t want to wait for the giveaway to end, you can purchase both products (and other Bucardo accessories) at the Cult of Mac Store.

Enter to win this Bucardo pack

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Bucardo Pocket Watch and Sport Band Bundle

Note: This giveaway does not include any Apple products. Entries close at 11:59 PM PDT on August 30, 2022. See Terms and Conditions for more information about the sweepstakes.

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