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Crunchyroll is offering a free gift for One Piece Film: Red

The official Crunchyroll store is giving away free action figures based on massive popularity One Piece Film: Red.

Yesterday, international fans celebrated the release of the film in several different countries. One Piece Film: Red is already a huge box office hit and has held the top spot in Japan for 11 consecutive weeks. There is a lot of hype surrounding the film and it looks like Crunchyroll is taking advantage of it.

The streaming company is promoting a sweepstakes for One Piece Film: Red, and its official store is set to offer exclusive action figures based on the film’s main characters. Starting today, the contest will only run for a week and a half, so interested fans should act fast.

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One Piece Film: Red fans can win free action figures in Crunchyroll’s sweepstakes

This is how the draw works

Enter our One Piece Film Red sweepstakes for a chance to receive new figures of Luffy, Uta, and Shanks! 🏴‍☠️

To enter:
1. Keep going @ShopCrunchyroll i @OnePieceAnime
2. Retweet this tweet
3. Answer and tag a friend you would bring to see One Piece Film Red!

Ends 11/16!

Enter our One Piece Film Red sweepstakes for a chance to receive new figures of Luffy, Uta, and Shanks! 🔥🏴‍☠️To enter: 1. keep going @ShopCrunchyroll i @OnePieceAnime2. Retweet this tweet3. Answer and tag a friend you would bring to see One Piece Film Red! Ends 11/16!

The basis of this contest is very simple. Fans must perform the following actions related to One Piece Film: Red-

  • Follow @ShopCrunchyroll and @OnePieceAnime on Twitter
  • Retweet the above tweet for engagement purposes
  • Tag a friend in the answers that you would take with you to the cinema to see the film

Note that @ShopCrunchyroll is a completely separate account from @Crunchyroll. The former is merchandise deals while the latter covers anime series. Lucky winners can get their hands on action figures of Luffy, Uta and Shanks as they appear in One Piece Film: Red.

According to the terms and conditions on Crunchyroll’s website, the giveaway will end on November 16th at 11:59 PST (Pacific Standard Time). Potential winners will be contacted around November 17th. Although payment is not required to enter the contest, all players must be 18 years of age or older.

What is the movie about?

One Piece Film: Red focuses heavily on a new character named Uta, a famous singer who plays a concert on Elegia, the island of music. Everyone from the Straw Hat Pirates to the Marines took part in the festivities.

However, it is later revealed that Uta is the adopted daughter of Shanks of the Red Haired Pirates. Unlike the previous films, there is no middle-aged main antagonist with a broken devil fruit. Uta is much nicer than Douglas Bullet One Piece Film: Stampede.

On a slightly related note, the anime covered some events related to the movie with a filler arc, titled “Uta’s Past”. It focuses on Uta’s experiences growing up with Luffy in the village of Foosha. While it’s not a display date by any means, it fleshes out their relationship more clearly.

One Piece Film: Red it’s already in cinemas

One Piece Film: Red has already hit theaters, and the sub and dub are finally available in select markets around the world, including the United States, Brazil, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Many fans are taking photos of the premiere around the world and posting them on Twitter.

Crunchyroll is aiming for greater social media engagement with its giveaway. Luffy, Uta and Shanks have proven to be very popular, so these rare exclusive figures will be a popular commodity in the fandom. Not only are they a prized addition to collectibles, but they also commemorate the film.

Remember that the contest will end on November 16. There’s also plenty of time to catch the movie while it’s still in theaters.

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