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CPR Kit Giveaway: The American Heart Association is giving NOLA students the tools to save a life

METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) — More than 50,000 students in the Greater New Orleans area will learn the skills needed to save a life thanks to a donation from the American Heart Association and local businesses.

On Wednesday morning, nearly 70 demonstration kits to teach children how to administer CPR were donated to area schools. This included the Academy of St. Therese in Metairie, where a training session was held to show students how lives can be saved.

“This will really allow our students to be able to get certified because not only will they have the kits and the experience, but we can use them to go one step further and bring them into the workforce and have it with them.” explained Shannon Bland, the school’s principal.

In 2014, it became a requirement for Louisiana students to learn CPR and use a defibrillator before graduating from high school. Partnering with area businesses helps AHA take the burden off schools.

And if you’re thinking about learning CPR yourself, here are two steps to saving a life in an emergency:

  1. Call 11 (or assign someone to make the call)
  2. Push hard and fast into the center of the chest


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