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Clothing giveaway for Ian’s survivors in Cape Coral


A community raffle to help those affected by Hurricane Ian takes place Sunday morning at the Torched Bar & Grill in Cape Coral.

Save the Closet is a Florida disaster relief organization based in Panama City Beach where Michael hit in 2018.

Survivors of Hurricane Michael in the Panhandle and Harvey in Texas are in Southwest Florida to give back to the community.

The raffle will include three trailers with free clothing, as well as free food and live music.

It is an opportunity for people who lost everything to get clothes, gather and rest from the devastation and hardship.

Katy Lingle, with Save the Closet, said it creates some normalcy and dignity when storm victims can restock their closets.

“That’s why we do this so people understand that it’s worth it. And that in situations like this, there’s no barrier between you and me and them,” Lingle said.

“I think it’s wonderful to see everyone come together and remind the world that we are a human race,” he added.

She said she hopes the clothing giveaway will help people feel like they haven’t been forgotten.

Lingle said there are suitcases that people can carry to help them move from place to place.

“A lot of people are displaced and transient right now until they figure out where they’re going to land,” Lingle said. “We went on a tour to get a bunch of suitcases, so we have several.”

Lingle said they have to be very specific and careful about the quality of clothing they donate.

“Everything here is something people would pay for, but it’s free for those who attend,” Lingle said.

The clothes and shoes have been donated from all over the country, including Latin star Maluma’s line from Macy’s, Lingle said.

Elijah Cravens, one of the youngest volunteers, fled with his family during the storm.

Elijah said that when he and his family returned, the devastation came as a “total surprise.”

Elijah was able to save many things, but his other brothers lost most of their belongings.

“It was a horrible sight to see,” Elijah said.

Seeing people come together to help others has been “amazing,” Elijah said.

“I’m very happy to see this,” he said.

On Sunday, he was one of the volunteers who helped organize the shoes.

“It makes me feel really good that I can be a part of this and that I can help other people,” Elijah said.

The event takes place at the restaurant at 2408 Surfside Blvd. in Cape Coral from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m

Learn more about their organization on their Facebook page.


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