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35 dead giveaways that someone is a bad person

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be, especially when meeting new people, at work or on a date. But there are many things we can fake it.

Our true selves will begin to reveal themselves sooner or later, and it’s not always pretty. This thought-provoking Ask Reddit thread illuminated the biggest red flags that reveal a person may not be as nice as they pretend to be.

“What’s a dead giveaway that someone isn’t a good person?” Redditor Ricky1g asked people, and we rounded up some of the most interesting responses below.

How someone treats another person based on their position. Anyone who treats a servant, maid, garbage person, etc. how c**p just tells the world how much of a piece they are.

lizzyd08 , Mike Jones report

They do not recognize defeat after full and fair elections and encourage violence in an attempt to subvert democracy.

WaySavvyD , Albert Barnes report

It’s always about them.

They are always the hero or always the victim of their stories.

I can’t stand criticism, but you probably dish it out to everyone else.

They are never wrong.

sebadukeboss20 , RODNAE Productions report

Since half of these comments don’t actually describe *bad* people, I’ll go ahead and say people who constantly judge others for their minor character flaws.

Some people have very low self-esteem, some people have ADHD, some people are trying to unlearn toxic traits they were raised with. Nobody is perfect and it’s never that black and white. If you instantly dismiss someone as a bad person because they cut you off when you’re talking, always talk about themselves, etc., you’d be surprised how most grown human beings have character flaws. With a little patience and an open mind, you can overlook these aspects and perhaps find some surprising qualities.

I personally find it very hard to relate to people who constantly pick on other people’s characters over minor things. Of course we’re going to chain up sex offenders and murderers. But that woman at the office who you can’t stand because she seems rude when you talk to her might have crippling social anxiety, and talking to you might make her feel like she’s being dragged through glass. You think she’s a whore, but behind closed doors she fights to leave the house every day. Not so black and white.

GhandisSandalsStink , Polina Zimmerman report

If they are willing to dazzle you. I have memory problems due to MS, and when someone is willing to bend your reality there is a huge moral problem.

whisper , Karolina Grabowska report

I guess a subtle one is that you are treated differently in public and how you are treated in private. Both can go either way.

sky_Driver88 report

In my experience, if they start a statement with “well, as a Christian…” they are a PoS person. (Not because they are Christians, there are good ones, but these people just hide behind their faith)

machine gun laugh 3 report

They are mean to animals or hate animals for no reason. I certainly understand allergies and this is a VERY good reason not to be around animals. I’m talking about HATING animals. ALL animals for no reason.

Meow_Mix1313 report

How they talk about their partner/spouse/partner/whatever. If you talk shit about the person you supposedly love, you’re a giant mountain of trash.

ok_chaos42 report

Confederate flags on your car, property, or tattooed on your body is a good indicator.

TheShawnWray report

Treat people well only if they can benefit in some way. If they treat you well, but treat random people like shit, they’re not good people. And they’ll also treat you like crap if you ever stop being useful to them.

MiddleZealoussideal89 , RODNAE Productions report

Thinking that your own comfort is more important than the inconvenience of others.

Broad_Lawrence report

I’ve always thought that if someone gossips about you, they will surely gossip about you.

Also, if someone tells you something they were told in confidence, you can’t trust them to keep everything you tell them to themselves, even if they ask.

Big red flags.

Stocked Aces , Keira Burton report

People who are always trying to manipulate a situation from the smallest things to the biggest problems. It’s exhausting to be around him.

beybf , RODNAE Productions report

Idolizing serial killers. I was perplexed when I saw fan pages for Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez or the Columbine Shooters on Twitter.

Or, kick your child out of the house for no reason once they turn 18.

Also, I’m not sure if this is a controversial take, but if the Bible or anything religious serves as your source of morality, you’re not a good person.

Vanity is vain report

Many times they tell you directly. Anyone who gleefully tells you “I’m an a*****e” or “I’m such an a****h” is usually not joking, even if they say it while laughing.

blue eyes red lipstick report

A former co-worker of mine went completely psychotic on her first day.
He seemed normal all day, and at the end of the day he came into my office laughing hysterically because he had to show me a video.
It was a video of a guy jumping off a water tower. He said “it bounced really well” with the maniacal grin on his face. She didn’t last long.

LloydBro , Andrew Piacquadio report

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