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Watching video games helped me avoid alcohol addiction

Video games aren’t just a cheap thing (Image: Getty Images).

The reader describes how he recognized and dealt with his problems with alcohol and the positive role that video games have played in his life.

By definition, I am not an alcoholic, but I have a very strong alcohol. My adult life revolves around drinking and always drinking too much. I have always been part of the game; drinking and playing went together. Turn on my console and turn on the tinnie. As I played, I drank more. Not a good recipe for success. In the next paragraph I will share my experience and how it changes. I promise not to be an evangelist.

I don’t have a regular job. I take over the company, which has a period of hard work and life-threatening work. There is a kind of sector in which I work. I work a lot and always grab a console or other media to play while I’m sitting in a hotel room, hoping I’m not stuck in a bar. That was the theory, but to tell you the truth, it never made much of a difference. I could go there and have a few cups for a snack during dinner.

I plan to focus on regular evenings and weekends after that, rather than nights. This happens during the time when you are calm. I never felt that way if there was work, I always got on my back, but I still expected to drink.

I light my head around seven to start drinking. I usually play single player games during the week. I don’t have a favorite gender and therefore every man who likes it doesn’t like it. I play at night, progressing like a normal player. The drink will gradually decrease after reaching the wall. Usually because there is a certain skill or quick reactions and the beer is producing parts. I would turn my mind off and continue with a fun based game that requires no skill or thought. Recent favorites were the cricket 22. When that started to take over, I would have to go to bed.

The following night would be a repeat, but with slight changes. I wasn’t sure what was going on when it came to a matter of history. Many new buttons have been forgotten. A few more nights of replay makes the game fun and turns into something else. Rinse and repeat.

The weekend is quite different. The weather is normal for a few hours so I get online with my girlfriend to play some multiplayer games. I used to go around seven o’clock, but then, as soon as I woke the boy up, he would come. We still love playing PUBG and have done little to keep it above the chicken dinner.

That doesn’t mean we’re bad players. I would like to inform you about my colleague who is a good player. His gameplay is respectable with a kill-to-death ratio, and he has a lot of wins. It is completely disabled by my drunken inability to act on anything beyond useless. My IQ is shocking. My success rate is a perfect joke. I’m afraid he won’t let me drive a vehicle! He’ll usually leave our game together at 10pm so he has to go to the gym and do something. I’m going to do a midweek routine with the same routine and we’ll find out how it works.

On August 5th I took a breather to control my life and stopped drinking. Not just on days off, but on weekends. No more than one on top of the other. The most important reason for my physical and mental health is that I have already written about it here. I want to get my hobby back. I want to enjoy it again, rise to the challenge, beat the tough matches and not waste time on rubbish like 22. No offense Cricket 22.

I wrote some movies in the past about difficult games. How much of this was influenced by my cups and not the games? Now time will tell. I’ll try to get some of them back and review them with a clearer mind. If I have to beat, I won’t find the Soulslike games that hard. That might be pushing it a bit.

When you read this, you might think it’s only been a few weeks to get on the wagon, but now I see a positive change. My best mate comes to stay with me many times afterwards. I don’t think it’s because I’m sober now. But secretly I think so. My game is much nicer, I make a lot of progress and remember. These things drive my motivation.

Just to be a little concerned. We were invited to the pub with friends for lunch, followed by a drink in their garden. We leave at 4 o’clock. On days like these, it wouldn’t be smart and I won’t be in good shape to play tonight. If I don’t come home, the console will fire for four hours of positive gaming. Sorry, I couldn’t write the whole article without some evangelism!

I have done something and gained too much more.

From reader Dirtystopout.

A word of thanks to my wife and her best friend for the support they showed me. I love you both.

Need help?

The National Alcohol Helpline recommends Drinkline. If you’re worried about your health or drinking, there’s a free helpline you can call with complete confidence. Call 0300 123 1110 (weekdays 9am to 8pm, weekends 11am to 11am 4am).

Alternatively, you can use AA, a free self-help group with a twelve-step plan.

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