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Tractor games made for a fun weekend at Cecilia Days | Local news

AShtyn Lush shared a smile with her dad, Gerald Hill, as his tractor rolled slowly across the empty lot where the tractor games were held on Saturday during Cecilia’s days.

Lush took first place in her age group in the slow race. This was his first year competing in the games.

“It’s fun,” he said. “I just beat a bunch of guys.”

Although it is the first time participating in the games, Lush said this is its second year participating in the Cecilia Days parade. He was driving his grandfather’s tractor.

“I took her as a baby driving through the parade every year. I texted her the other day and said what if I ride with you,” Hill said. “She drove her dad’s tractor last year. This year, I let her drive mine. I went with her instead of her with me.”

Hill participates in the tractor games every year. He said he likes everything.

“Most guys like cars and trucks, I’m a tractor driver. I’ve always been and I’ve known Harold (Lewis) all my life and Louis (Crosier) for years and years,” he said. “There’s a bond between all the tractor guys. We’re just all in it together.”

Started by Crosier many years ago, the tractor games are now held in memory of him and Lewis.

Atcher Gregory, 12, who competed in the games for the first time Saturday, said he was enjoying himself. His father, Art Gregory, said Atcher can use almost any team.

“He and his grandfather have been working on these tractors. He bought them about six years ago. They did them again and he wanted to go to the parade,” he said.

This was also Layne Richardson’s first time competing. He described the games as tiring, fun, annoying and fun, especially the dog bite contest. A hot dog is hanging from a pole above the tractor and the driver has to drive the tractor under the pole and give him a bite without stopping or leaving his seat. Whoever has the biggest dog bite wins.

Competing for the second year, Noah Pence said he enjoys seeing everyone and joining in the fun of the tractor games. He said his favorite game is probably the egg race, where wooden logs are placed and participants must hold an egg in a spoon without dropping it.

JT French, a third-year participant, said his favorite game is the slow race or barrel race. He said he likes the competition of the games.

Aside from the tractor rides and parade, Cecilia’s Days attendees also enjoyed a car show, “Cecilia’s Got Talent,” face painting, rides, food and games.

As she watched her 6-year-old grandson, Elijah Hargis, bungee jump Saturday during Cecilia Days, Lorie Hargis said they come to Cecilia Days every year.

“I like the community, the people, the hospitality … everything,” he said.


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