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The Texas Saw Massacre Slaughter family skills are explained in the new cards

Gun Interactive has explained a bit about how the assassins will play The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, but now the team has released a more detailed guide that breaks down his attributes and special abilities. And to coincide with the new information, Gun has also released trading cards based on the five family members.

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As stated on the game’s website, members of the Slaughter family each have three stats: Savage, Harvest, and Stamina, and can be further tweaked with the game’s perk system. Savagery is related to the harm they cause. Harvesting is related to the blood users can gather to feed Grandpa, but this only applies to blood drained from victims, not blood found in buckers scattered around the map. Stamina affects how stamina is depleted and recharged.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so players, according to Gun, try to work as a team to make up for their shortcomings. It’s also possible to go solo, but Gun pointed out that it was harder to do.

The team then broke down each character. The cook can listen to players to locate where they are and add additional roadblocks to the map. You can also remove them and put them back in your inventory. The cook can also close crawl spaces, meaning the other team has to open them, which will slow them down and potentially reveal their location. The hitchhiker can set traps and will be alerted when someone steps on them. It also has great stamina and can follow victims through tighter areas. Unsurprisingly, Leatherface is built around his chainsaw and can cut through opponents, doors, barricades and crawlspaces.

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Gun has detailed all three of these characters in the past, but he also took this opportunity to finally dive into the game’s new assassins. Johnny can track players’ recent steps on the map and instantly hit doors and crawl spaces. These attacks also have a concussion blast, disorienting nearby enemies.

Sissy is more agile than the other members of the family. Not only can it go through small gaps and crawl spaces, but it can also hide and scare victims. His unique ability allows him to use poison in two ways: by blowing it on survivors or by contaminating objects. However, it is not clear what the venom actually does.

Gun did not release trailers or videos of these new characters in action. However, he published letters for each of them that tell their stories and abilities. The study also did the same with victims in October.


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