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Terrorists are already destroying the game

Gotta Studios’ Tower of Fantasy is now one of the most popular mobile games available. Although many cheats on the game console are already going through the online game.

Why are there so many cheats like Tower of Fantasy?

As a result, hackers in Tower of Fantasy are very easy. Unlike most modern MMOs out there, Hotta Studios Genshin can be easily modded with Cheat Engine. This means that anyone who plays on PC can do whatever they want.

Like Reddit, cheats like Tower of Fantasy are blowing up the MMORPG immersively. While level caps prohibit normal players from getting too strong, hackers can attack well beyond the limit.

Apart from this, ToF hackers can also increase their suppression levels tremendously. The maximum level of deletion for real players is 3.5 right now. For cheaters, it’s 7.5. That’s more than double!

Why is this a problem?

All Tower of Fantasys leaderboards are currently full of cheaters. It doesn’t matter that much, and it doesn’t get players to the top of the tournament, since cheaters don’t give impossible scores.

Tower of Fantasy also has PvP games. In this scenario, real players bet against cheaters with no way to win, because they can’t hold their own as hard as their opponent.

At the time of writing, players are tired of beating Tower of Fantasy cheats. Many are already claiming that the game will die because of hackers, but some people still don’t want to play until it’s over. To be sure, piracy is a common problem.

Have you played the Tower saga? Do you find cheats that ruin the game for everyone?


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