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Major changes in Season 1 update notes

In season 1 there will be many changes. Here are some of the more important updates mentioned in the patch notes.

With the start of the first official season of MultiVersus, it’s no surprise that some adjustments are coming.

Fans are waiting for the update whether it was the teased Finn-nerfs coming to MultiVersus or the new character that could be coming soon.

And as long as the latest patch notes have been updated, we know the smaller changes coming to MultiVersus Season 1.

The biggest changes are coming to MultiVersus with the first update of Season 1.

System changes

Starting with the update, free spin characters will now have an icon to help identify them. This was one of the many complaints since the free spin was announced, with many players complaining that they couldn’t take control of them.

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A new set of characters for free spin is also being introduced with the latest update. Find out which characters are currently free in MultiVersus.

Battle Pass XP has also been changed, offering ten points for winning and five points for losing. This is a higher value than five and three points.

Character buffs and nerfs are used for the character.


WB games

People who wanted to bore Finn in MultiVersus are finally getting their wish, and nerfs may even be coming to the Adventure Time character.

This is, for a purely economic reason, a single attack from Finn can now only generate coins. Finland only has 100 coins instead of the original 200.

Many of Finland’s moves have also been nerfed, but the main nerf is his new special, or Backpack Em Up. This move has the weakest void effect, as well as the fact that the move’s weaker attacks will not overwrite stronger opponents’ attacks.

lebron james

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LeBron’s biggest change is that his specialty doesn’t pull off a shockwave that occurs from a sudden impact. This update may affect what players fight as LeBron.

However, the teleport kill makes a shockwave, but when the teleport kill requires another player, it drastically changes their playstyle in 1v1 game mode.

The correctness of this adjustment is not clear.

Bugs Bunny

WB games

Players First thinks Bugs Bunny was too safe before these nerfs. They introduced another ban window to counter this.

His air attack has 4 more areas of recovery than jogging. It is neutral to air and its hook, and has a base 5 second cooldown.

The HP of his safe has also been reduced to 14 in the last 16 years.

There are quite a few tweaks in the patch notes. If you want to read the full list of changes, you can find the Season 1 version updates here.

Character balance isn’t the only thing coming this season, as it looks like Black Adam and Stripe will be coming to MultiVersus very soon.


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