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Looking to the future! Analysis of historical records

Today is a good day. Finally we talked about the Gothic. My colleagues again let me write about the best series of roles of all time (result of a non-representative poll among myself). The reason for this column is that I should definitely rant for hours about the gods of the Gothic tradition and the best meat recipes. As the festival began, THQ Nordic released a new trailer for the gothic remake. I wasn’t caught off guard by the amazing surprise I had that the remake was in full effect. I wasn’t particularly convinced that the new edition would be anything. I wanted to share with you why you can change your mind, if everything is fine, and if I’m not fine, that’s in the trailer, or not.

Before we begin, we will summarize the historical story in short form. Gothic entered the market in 2001 and makes the German RPG market very successful. He was convinced of an open universe, of a complete staging of the world and a dense atmosphere. The successor Gothic 2 can surpass this and is now considered a cult.

13:52Gothic Remake: analysis of the trailer of the new teaser.

From Gòtic 3, however, the catastrophe begins. The game was a scam called the “hello” of the 18th. As a shardman, rights are non-refundable. For example, they are looking for something because they are not doing anything with them in new projects like Risen or Elex. But they probably also have a lot of respect and therefore don’t want to go back to the cult brand.

The old Gothic camp was full of life.

PC games. Appearance: THQ Nordic! They buy the entrepreneur Piranha Bytes, and the rights to the Gothic series. Six months later, a playable teaser reminiscent of the ancient Gothic, following the line of the character, suddenly appeared on Steam. What do you think about this? It is not from Piranha Bytes, but from the newly established studio Alkimia Interactive.

The fans had a very clear opinion: make the way back. But please don’t like it.

The teaser shows the entrance to the game. One is thrown into the mining colony of Khorinis as a criminal. The prison camp is self-organized and surrounded by a magical barrier. They let you in, but not again.

In the original Gothic, this initial area with all the dialogue you can have can last 10-20 minutes. The teaser easily inflates the section to an hour or two. The entire area will be rebuilt visually and narratively.

They weren’t just thrown into the pond from the cliff. I go down the huge elevator, which suddenly caught fire.

This is very annoying after a few seconds. Having reached the top of the stairs in a way that could explode, we will not be hit without a punch, like the original, but with an attack of snappers. But an old friend will come to our rescue: Diego! He saves the mine a bit and then tells us how to use the mining scene. He did in the original, but some sentence fragments are also recognizable. At least, if you don’t laugh at the fact that we’re not dealing with an NPC you used to love, but a Zorro for the poor!

Diego is a caricature of himself, with huge gestures, endless monologues and a bad hat.


He has a shiny novel on his cheek, puts a big smile on the wall, and gets a full-size picture of the dead. Not only does Diego leave the original at the beginning, but he also doesn’t like to observe the situation, so he doesn’t have to show up in the show.


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