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How to attack Fuling villages in Valheim?

Have you raided the entire garden conservation capital in Valheim?

Fulings are an extremely dangerous creature in this game. They are even trickier because they spawn in the Prairie biome, known to be one of the safest areas in Valheim. These worshipers of Yagluth often appear together or in groups that are dangerous enough. To make it even more difficult there are also Fuling Villages where many of them live and will attack you very strategically.

These restaurants contain many types of Fulings, including Fuling Shamans and Fuling Berserkers. In the Plains biome, Fuling is the only place where you can find barley and flax. Whether you’re raiding a Fuling village for the easy challenge or gathering rare resources, you need to be prepared for weaponry, armor, food, and strategy.

If you want to get into the nigeri zone in a single raid, check out our detailed guide on how to take out villages from Fuling to Valheim.

Garden villages in Valheim.

The Fuling Villages in Valheim are of interest to the Plains biome. You usually won’t find them until late in the game. These places do have many structures. They tend to have a few different Fulings. Some of the most dangerous places in the Viking world, especially for beginners and advanced. Fulings are very strong, so you should avoid their villages at all costs until you are ready for combat.

These towns include three types of Fulings located in the Plains biome. Regular Fulings have a good balance between health and damage. Fuling Shamans have different abilities and deal a lot of damage, but have less health. Fuling Berserkers is one of the most powerful Fuling techniques. They have 800 health and deal up to 130 damage with their three different attacks.

Many players raid Fuling Villages to buy barley, flax, and black metal scrap. As mentioned above, you can only find barley and flax in this location, so you have no other options. Fulings drop Black Metal Scrap, so technically you can only walk through the plains biome. Although the Fuling Villages possess the largest Fuling population, it is an excellent place to farm some black metal scraps.

There are many things to do before entering the village of Fuling in Valheim. They include gathering a team if you can, preparing healthy food and stocking up on some arrows. You must prepare your weapons, armor and ammunition a day before your departure. Arrows will be very important and we’ll show you a little why.

What is worth attacking the Fuling villages of Valheim?

While Fulings sometimes spawn anywhere on the Plains, towns are where you can find them in a group. If you’re looking for black metal, totems, barley or flax, you should go for it. But it’s not as simple as looking at the village to loot it. Fulings will fight aggressively and are a must for you if you don’t mind. There are a couple of steps to attack and we’ll cover that.

First of all, it is important to have progressed enough in the game, as well as weapons and armor. Fulings are very strong, so low level weapons will damage them. Standard loadout should have good armor, a strong melee weapon, and at least decent rifles like the Draugr Fang Bow. A good meal can also be prepared, so you can get food and potions to help heal health and stamina.

Then give a good strategy to fight back. The best way to combat raids is to start using ranged weapons. Use a good bow to thin out the herd to avoid all-out attacks. By killing as many Fulings as you can anywhere from this point of view, you won’t feel overwhelmed when you reach the Fuling Villages in Valheim. There are also Deathsquitos, which can be quite annoying, so take them out at all times.

Finally, knowing your opponent is vital. Of the three types of Fulings, the regulars should be the easiest to deal with. If you’ve seen Fuling Shaman, take them out first so they can do a lot of damage and dribble. The Fuling Berserkers are extremely dangerous, so try not to fight them before you take out everything else.

Don’t buy rewards.

There are usually two reasons why players seek revenge in Fuling Villages. First, they look for resources that can only be found in these places or by pouring Fulings. Second, they want to collect enough Fuling Totems for the final boss of the game, Yagluth. Fulings are holy and jongyaoa. They are often used to the worship of many people who wish to summon it.

Regular Fulings will drop at least one Black Metal Scrap, a thousand coins, and possibly a Fuling Trophy. Fuling Shamans will drop a Black Metal Scrap and many more coins. Aside from that, they also drop a trophy and they might as well say, a Fuling Shaman trophy. Bukeperries are a good choice to reset food buffs as they make you sick and pig. These special berries can only be farmed by Fuling Shamans and Greydwarf Shamans.

Finally, Fuling Berserkers provide the most important drops if you need to summon Yagluth. They drop several black metal scraps, a few coins, and possibly a Fuling Berserker trophy. Fuling Totems are their most important loot, dropping 10% in value from Fuling Berserker. Since you need five free totems to summon Yagluth, you can kill a lot of these strong goblins.


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