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Every word of Arteta’s post-Bournemouth press | Press conference | news

After his side made it three wins from three at the start of the campaign by beating Bournemouth 3-0, Mikel Arteta was in high spirits as he sat in the post-match press conference.

The boss tackled questions about the game, top of the table, transfer activity and even William Saliba’s new chant, and here’s what he had to say:

about the performance:

I am very happy. It’s very difficult to come here and win 3-0. So credit to the boys, the way we played, especially the way we started the game and continued to play. It’s not easy and we have a good example when they played Aston Villa how different the game was and how different the game was in parts of the second half as well. At the same time, we have to look at ourselves and in many areas we can still improve a lot.

being at the head of the table:

It’s only three games. It doesn’t mean anything, there are still other teams that have to play. What it means is that we’ve managed to win three games, we’re scoring goals, keeping clean sheets, the team is playing and doing well, competing very well, but it’s already Monday, we’re back to training and we’re starting to get better at other things we have to do as well, and focus on Fulham.

to Granit Xhaka playing higher up the pitch:

The way I want to play, there are spaces that must be occupied at all times, and as you can see, there is a lot of rotation in that unit, with Àlex, with Martinelli, with him. But he has the ability to do it, he has the ability to do it. Today he arrived again in very good positions, and it is the evolution of the player.

on the role of Alex Zinchenko:

It gives us flexibility to attack in different ways in relation to what the opponent wants to do, wants to prevent and creates spaces that we want to exploit. It’s a good thing to have on the team.

on what Gabriel Jesús has contributed to the group:

New confidence, a new spark and that winning mentality that he has and the way he competes for every ball and the way he transmits his energy and his quality to the rest of the team, and you can see that again today. Was involved in the goals, didn’t score but had a goal disallowed, but was involved in the action.

about the attitude of Jesus:

Yes [he will keep people grounded], because he knows how hard it is to win in football, how much you have to put in. He knows he’s still young, but he’s lived it and I think he’s a really good role model for the rest of the guys.

on William Saliba’s goal:

We’ve been practicing it all week! I was very surprised. Individual talent, a quality moment, I don’t know what you’d call it, but I think nobody expected it and it was great. I am very happy for the boy.

on whether Zinchenko told him not to shoot:

Probably! Don’t shoot left from there – it was probably best to keep quiet!

on whether the start of the season takes the pressure off the transfer window:

We don’t like to react, we like to get the players we want and we think he will have a big impact on the team and if we can do that, we will try. If we can’t, we’ll stick with the players and squad we have.

so that there is no pressure from the fans to get more players:

It hasn’t changed but we know where we are short and where we need to add more firepower. If we can do it, we will.

on Saliba’s comprehensive performance:

He also got a clean sheet, which is the most important thing for a defender. If you score a goal, that’s an advantage, but they’re doing what they have to do, to keep a clean sheet every game.

on whether he will sing his new song on the way home:

The boys are already singing it in the dressing room!

about possible exits:

There are a few players we have to leave out of the squad, unfortunately. It is painful, but we will try to make the team and the squad that are in the best condition to give us a chance to win the game.

on seeing the progress since his first game in charge at the same venue:

It takes time to achieve something. From the players we have today to the players we had then, it’s been a massive change, and I’m happy. Everyone feels more attached to the team, the club and the way we play, and we are winning football games.

on whether it took longer than expected to get to this point:

I’ll keep that to myself!

on three different players wearing the armband today:

They are the leaders that I decided to appoint as captains, and they are the ones that the team decided should be on the leadership team. I’m delighted that we have very different characters, very different ways of being and ways of thinking and I think they all represent the club in a very good way.

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