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Asmodee Digital has rebranded as Twin Sails Interactive


Asmodee revealed this week that they have officially changed the name of their gaming wing, as it will now be known as Twin Sails Interactive. Asmodee Digital is gone as of this week, and with the change comes two new games the company is working on for the future called news tower i Amberial dreams. We have more information on both games below, as well as details and a quote from the announcement.

Credit: Twin Sails Interactive

Asmodee Digital’s initial vision and identity have evolved, resulting in a rebrand as Twin Sails Interactive. Driven by common values ​​and passion, Twin Sails Interactive will focus on original experiences, combining indie and AA titles on premium platforms (PC and consoles) together with industry-leading partners. After joining Asmodee Digital in 2018 as COO, Nicolas Godement today he becomes the CEO of Twin Sails Interactive.

“We aim to become a leading game publisher, which means 3 things to us: a great line-up of creative and high-quality titles; an incredible team of passionate game professionals; and a work environment that looks safe and fun. The number of releases per year, so we are able to fully commit the relevant resources necessary for the success of each project,” emphasized Godement.

NEWS TOWER: Developed by Studio Nul Games, news tower is a tycoon management game. Set in 1930s New York in the midst of a major economic and political crisis, the goal is to become one of the best newspapers in the city, creating one of Brooklyn’s most iconic buildings: the News Tower. The goal is to build a financially profitable, independent newspaper that covers reliable (or not) news. Players can manage their own news tower, hire the best new employees and assign reporters to cover the world’s latest news. Players can manage the newspaper’s editorial line, staff and production.

AMBERIAL DREAMS: Developed by Lumorama, Amberial dreams is an evolving 2D physics-based precision platformer. Amberial Dreams, the fifth installment in Amberial’s famous flash game series, scales it all and stays true to its successful formula, experienced by over 2 million players. The game rewards individual skill along with creativity and curiosity. The narrative campaign filled with colorful characters will immerse players in an enchanting universe full of wonders and challenging levels. Precise controls use a new engine and comprehensive level editor that allows the community to create new challenges and share experiences.

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