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The desire of Spaniards to travel attracts an economic storm

In the ranking, Spain is followed by the citizens of Norway (73% of respondents plan to travel in the next twelve months), United Kingdom (65%), Sweden (62%), Denmark (61%), United States (60%), Australia and Finland (57%).

According to survey data, they will be Generation Z, Millennials and Generation X are the most likely to go on vacation, Similarly, it has been concluded that the pandemic has changed travel habits and there is now a tendency to choose the country as a destination.

Thus, 61% declare that they will travel to local destinations and stay in Spain during their vacation, compared to those who have plans for other countries and cultures, thus showing a change in the leisure and travel experience.

Thus, the Spanish are the ones who will enjoy local tourism the most and ranks first among respondents who plan to travel to their country, It is followed by Australians (56%) and Americans (54%), who also commit to exploring inland destinations.


The main motivations to travel You find yourself able to detach yourself from the routine, As part of the current trend focused on personal well-being. For this reason, the surveyors assured that they would bet exclusively on outdoor activities as a way to disconnect in the coming months.

In fact, 55% of Spaniards confirm that they will do more outdoor activities than last year, with the United States being the second country that chooses this option the most.


Of all the countries surveyed, The Spanish prove to be the most visionary before going on holiday, 78% said they had already planned, organized or researched a trip before arriving at their destination.

The British (71%) and Americans (70%) are also planners, while the least pre-organised trips are the Finns (60%).

56% of Spaniards say that being able to recharge the battery is the main reason for travelling. In addition, 38% of respondents indicated that they had traveled alone at some point.

During the trip, practicing outdoor sports is the favorite way to escape from the holiday routine, With 66% of Spaniards planning to do this type of activity in the coming months. Hiking is the sport they most want to practice (63%), followed by trekking (29%), although among the younger generations, jade camping (33%) is preferred.

57% for the Spanish, personal well-being so they will practice more activities outside the home compared to previous years. In addition, 47% are motivated by being close to nature.

The study was carried out with more than 9,000 people from 8 countries (Spain, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark) with the participation of 1,000 Spaniards, to find out what the priorities At this time of year, year, a special year for tourism.

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