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Logix Federal Credit Union announced that it will host a panel of experts to address developments in our local economy, including inflation, labor challenges, global influence, changing trends in home sales and more.

The virtual economic forecast, presented by Logix, will be held on Tuesday, August 23 at 5:30 p.m. The virtual event will be moderated by Logix President and CEO Ana Fonseca, with guest speakers from Los Angeles-based investment management firm Payden & Rygel: Director and Chief Economist Jeffrey Cleveland, along with VP and economist Siddharth Saravat.

“With inflation higher than we’ve seen since the 1980s and interest rates rising rapidly, many are worried about how our economy will fare in the next six to 10 months,” Fonseca said. “Our mission at Logix is ​​to help members thrive. This financial forecast is an important opportunity for members and non-members alike to learn what’s ahead, and by holding the event virtually, we can open everyone. It’s a privilege to work with Jeffrey Cleveland and Siddharth Saravat as we have a long relationship with them and Payden & Rygel, they continue to be valuable partners.”

Payden & Rygel is one of the largest independently owned global investment management firms. Speakers Cleveland and Saravat continue to review the latest data, reflecting on trends, challenges and opportunities, providing relevant analysis.

“Inflation continues to be a hot topic as our economy continues to change,” Cleveland said. “We’re excited to share a brief synopsis of what we can expect and how our spending habits could be affected by the world around us.”

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About the Speakers

Jeffrey Cleveland is a director and chief economist at Payden & Rygel. He is responsible for developing opinions on the US and the global economy. His research areas include macroeconomics, central banking and money markets, money supply, credit cycles, housing, state and local governments, and regional economics. Cleveland is a frequent speaker at industry forums and is often quoted in the financial media on topics related to the economy and investing. He appears frequently on CNBC, Bloomberg Television, Fox Business News, Bloomberg Radio and National Public Radio to discuss financial markets and the economy.

Siddharth Saravat is Vice President and Economist at Payden & Rygel. As part of the Economics team, he is responsible for researching and developing opinions on the US and global economy. It focuses on the drivers of global economic growth, data visualization, the US labor market, and new approaches to tracking economic activity using high-frequency data.

About Logix

Founded in 1937, Logix Federal Credit Union offers a full menu of financial services and free access to 30,000 ATMs nationwide. The credit union is rated “superior” for financial strength and is the largest credit union based in Los Angeles County, with more than 215,000 members and $9 billion in assets. Logix operates 18 branches in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Federally insured by NCUA. Logix is ​​an equal home loan. NMLS ID 503781. Logix is ​​not affiliated with Payden & Rygel and is an independent entity.

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