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Bring silence

Our crown jewel is the Ashland Japanese Garden.

There are no words to describe it; you’ll just have to come and see for yourself. Take the silence with you.

Carol Lacy


Vote no 15-210

Ballot Measure 15-210 is a change to the Ashland City Charter that asks voters to support moving Ashland Parks and Recreation employees from reporting to the Parks Director to reporting to the city administrator. This seems odd for a couple of reasons, but mostly because the city is struggling to retain and manage its current staff.

Consider this. Over the past four years, one APRC superintendent was fired for responding to the COVID pandemic. During that same time period, the city has gone through three finance directors, three city attorneys, a human resources director, three administrative assistants and two city managers. High staff turnover in the city is the recent norm.

VOTE NO on Measure 15-210 to keep parks and recreation management in the hands of stable, informed staff reporting to a parks director overseen by five elected APRC commissioners.

Mike Gardiner


Voting for the future

Voters who want to promote the climate crisis and wildfires in Oregon have two options in the governor’s race. As House Minority Leader, Christine Drazan orchestrated the walkout to avoid a vote on a valuable climate bill while, as Ways and Means Committee Chair, Betsy Johnson delivered proposal after proposal to the scrap, preventing any of the chambers from voting.

This judgment may seem harsh, but we know that one of the main factors contributing to wildfire risk is summer warming and drought drying out our soils and vegetation. This is exacerbated by climate change.

The only gubernatorial candidate who understands this connection is Tina Kotek. If you want to address the wildfires and climate crisis in Oregon and prevent a planet uninhabitable for life as we know it, Kotek is your only choice.

For the Legislature, the candidates to support are Golden, Marsh and Davis. Republicans refuse to act.

Bruce Bauer


Loosen the leash laws

Ashland has a lot of dogs but they are not very dog ​​friendly.

There is only one space where a dog can run, catch a frisbee or play with dog friends. All dogs are compressed in this park. And the experiences are not good.

Meanwhile, parks, trails and open spaces are mostly empty throughout the day.

Yes, landlords are not always responsible. They don’t manage their dogs, they don’t clean up after them. But allowing certain times and places where dogs could run and play would decompress many problems and improve the overall dog culture in Ashland.

It would cost nothing and there could be additional fees to influence behavior in a positive way. Allow dogs off-leash in city parks (except Lithia), 6-10am or 6-10pm and institute expensive fines for not managing your dog.

We’ve all been through years of stress. The city is tougher. We are all tired and distrustful of each other.

It will take time to rediscover the power of kindness and patience. Playing fetch outside the dog park is a step towards releasing the pressure that has built up for all of us.

Dan Pfister


A mysterious board

We are facing a situation in Talent. We have five leaders up for re-election. The talent is in a big transition stage, rebuilding after Almeda.

There is a slate that has been put forward to run against the current leadership. The current management was elected in a landslide in the last election and has been working hard to rebuild the Talent.

The challengers are five people who have never participated in Talent. Evangelical pastor running against Mayor Darby Ayers-Flood just attended his first council meeting. Four out of five challengers changed their registration from Republican to Democrat or independent in the days before filing; a coordinated effort? All refuse to answer the questions on record; they will only respond by individual phone call.

who are they Why did they change parties? Do they maintain their previous party beliefs? Why won’t they address the public? Who keeps submitting anonymous hit pieces about today’s leadership? Why won’t they sign names?

Courtney Bucolo, fire survivor


Our votes, our voices

Denise Krause and Al Densmore have won our votes for county commissioner seats.

Their combined experiences and abilities would require thousands of words. Commissioners from three different parties working in partnership could represent us better than three members of the same party currently acting.

Denise works tirelessly to meet people where they are and skillfully communicates her priorities for the people and lands of Jackson County. By listening, showing up and working hard, she has demonstrated her commitment to being in the middle and welcoming all voices. He has been preparing for this job 24 hours a day for his entire life. See their image in the latest Sneak Preview or on the sides of RVTD buses. (

As 20 year veterans, retiring in Rob’s hometown in ’89, we have watched our beloved valley evolve with unforeseen challenges as young adults. Curators leave legacies that affect everyone. Join us in voting for Denise and Al.

Teddy Hight


Hold out

Two facts to consider when voting.

First, the local Republican Central Committee voted to reject the results of the 2020 election, denouncing democracy. Only Alan DeBoer spoke out against this madness.

Second, I watched “The DOVE” recently and heard their leader (I think a former Oregon Republican chairman) talking about the civil war.

Electoral lies and threats are tools used to bring about a Trump dictatorship. Unity is the antidote. Democrats must stand together. All of us who try to live our religious faith must be united.

Reject the Republican Central Committee and all the lies about our elections. Reject the candidates who flood the airwaves with far-right funded dark attack ads and shame on the local participating candidates! Reject the false religion of the extreme right.

Start fighting by voting! My answer is to vote for all Democrats in 2022, especially Jeff Golden. You need a dose of courage, thinks Ukraine. Fight and good can win.

Dan Van Dyke



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